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We strive in our daily lives and encounters to continue the work of Jesus who said : "I have come that you may have life and have it to the full".

The Sisters and the staff strongly believe that reaching out to others is part of the Gospel way of life. It teaches us and challenges us to count our blessings and share. Through the interpersonal relationships and the interactions that this affords us we find reasons to give thanks, to hope, to be open to joy, to laugh, to sing and to live through love in His presence.


Welcoming Miss Makkink to Holy Cross Primary School!

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Holy Cross Primary School is delighted to introduce a new member to our family, Miss Makkink, who will be joining our teaching team in the Intermediate and Senior Phase classes. While she may be a fresh face in the full-time staff lineup, Miss Makkink is no stranger to our school community.

Miss Makkink has been a familiar and valued presence, having previously contributed her time and efforts to our school through various roles. Her dedication and passion for education have not gone unnoticed, and we are thrilled to officially welcome her as a full-time teacher.

During her time assisting, Miss Makkink demonstrated a remarkable commitment to the growth and development of our students. Her positive impact was evident, creating a warm and engaging learning environment for all. Now, as a part of our full-time staff, we look forward to seeing her bring even more creativity, dedication, and inspiration to our Intermediate and Senior Phase classes.

Embarking on this new chapter in her professional journey, we extend our heartfelt wishes to Miss Makkink for a successful and fulfilling experience at Holy Cross Primary School. As a close-knit community, we are excited to collaborate with her, fostering a supportive and dynamic educational environment.

To Miss Makkink: May your passion for teaching continue to shine brightly, and may this new adventure be filled with joy, growth, and countless moments of success. Here's to a fantastic journey ahead!

Holy Cross Primary School Donates Fifth Wheelchair to Those in Need

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Holy Cross Primary School has once again demonstrated their unwavering commitment to compassion and generosity by providing their fifth wheelchair to a less fortunate individual. This act of kindness was made possible through the remarkable support and dedication of both the learners and parents within the school community.

At the heart of this initiative lies a unique and innovative approach. The school has ingeniously utilised the collection of bottle tops and bread bag tags as a means to procure wheelchairs for those in need. For every 450 kilograms of bottle tops or 200 kilograms of bread bag tags gathered, the school ensures the provision of a much-needed wheelchair.

The latest addition to this noble cause was made feasible by the collection of 200 kilograms of bread bag tags diligently accumulated by the enthusiastic learners. Their tireless efforts and commitment to this cause were instrumental in making a significant difference in someone's life.

The impact of this act of generosity was palpable as the wheelchair found its way into the hands of a grateful recipient. The gentleman who received the wheelchair was profoundly appreciative of this gesture, recognising the newfound freedom and mobility it bestowed upon him.

The ethos of Holy Cross Primary School is not merely confined within the walls of education but extends compassionately into the wider community. Through their innovative approach and collective effort, they continue to exemplify the power of unity and empathy, making a tangible difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

This heartwarming gesture serves as a reminder that small acts of kindness and collective participation can create a ripple effect, profoundly impacting the lives of individuals in need. Holy Cross Primary School stands as a beacon of hope and compassion, inspiring others to follow suit and contribute to the betterment of society.

Festive Cheer Abounds: Christmas Dress-Up Day Marks End of Term

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Today, the halls of Holy Cross Primary School were not just filled with the usual academic buzz but also with an air of festive delight. As we bid adieu to the term, students and staff came together for a merry celebration of Christmas through a vibrant dress-up event.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the Christmas dress-up, a delightful spectacle that brought out the creativity and spirit of the season in every classroom. Each class had the chance to shine, showcasing the ingenuity and imagination of our learners.

Throughout the day, the school was a canvas of reds, greens, and golds, as everyone embraced the joyful hues of the season. From Santa hats to elf costumes, and from sparkly baubles to reindeer antlers, the attire choices were as diverse as they were enchanting.

Recognition was in store for the most impeccably dressed students, with two outstandingly adorned individuals from each class receiving a small token of appreciation for their efforts. Their creativity and enthusiasm truly captured the essence of the occasion, adding an extra sprinkle of cheer to the festivities.

Today also marked the final day of school before we bid farewell for the Christmas break. As lessons paused and celebrations took centre stage, the school was alive with laughter, smiles, and an unmistakable sense of togetherness.

As we close the doors for the Christmas season, memories of this day will linger, reminding us of the joyous moments shared and the spirit of unity that unites us all. Wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a rejuvenating break filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments with loved ones.


Holy Cross Primary School's Heartwarming Christmas Concert: Spreading Joy to iKhwezi's Elderly

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In the heart of a bustling town lies a haven for the elderly from the most marginalized communities—iKhwezi, a centre that opens its doors to provide solace, care, and fellowship to those in need. Amidst their daily struggles, iKhwezi stands as a beacon of hope, offering a sanctuary for these individuals to spend their days surrounded by warmth and compassion.

Holy Cross Primary School has forged a meaningful bond with iKhwezi, actively engaging in an initiative that embodies the true spirit of Christmas. Every year, the school orchestrates a heartwarming Christmas concert exclusively for the elderly guests of iKhwezi. This event is not just a concert; it's a manifestation of love and care woven into every aspect of the gathering.

The school's commitment to bringing joy and festive cheer to these elderly individuals is evident in every detail of the event. Volunteers, adorned with smiles and hearts brimming with kindness, diligently ensure the comfort and happiness of their honoured guests.

Transporting the elderly from iKhwezi to the school premises, Holy Cross Primary School lays out a beautiful program that encompasses a variety concert, a delicious meal, and the presentation of heartfelt gifts. It's a day cherished by both the school community and the elderly attendees.

This year's Christmas concert held a special significance, thanks to the generous support of Triangle, who graciously sponsored the food for the event. Their contribution made it possible to enhance the experience for these cherished guests, adding an extra layer of delight to an already magical day.

For many of the elderly individuals from iKhwezi, this annual concert stands as a singular occasion in the year—a precious outing and a treasured treat. You can see the awe and gratitude reflected in their eyes, a testament to the impact of this thoughtful gesture.

The essence of the Holy Cross Primary School's Christmas concert lies beyond the festivities; it's a celebration of humanity, kindness, and the power of collective goodwill. It's a reminder that amidst life's challenges, there exists a community willing to embrace and uplift those in need.

As the echoes of the concert fade away, its resonance lingers—a heartwarming reminder that a simple act of compassion can illuminate the lives of those who need it most. Holy Cross Primary School continues to exemplify the true spirit of giving, inspiring others to spread joy and kindness, not just during the festive season, but throughout the year.

Holy Cross Primary School's Unique Tradition: Turning Brown Money into Big Impact

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At Holy Cross Primary School, a remarkable tradition thrives—one that transforms seemingly insignificant change into meaningful contributions. It's a tradition built on the collection of what they aptly call "brown money." This unconventional currency consists of 50c, 20c, and 10c coins, coins that in the broader economic landscape might seem relatively inconsequential, almost worthless.

However, within the spirited halls of Holy Cross Primary, these coins hold a different value altogether. Each class eagerly gathers these coins throughout the year, engaging in a friendly yet spirited competition to see who can amass the most. The goal isn't personal gain or even the ability to purchase something tangible. Instead, it's about fostering a sense of community and instilling the power of collective giving.

This year, the Grade 2 class emerged victorious in this lively contest of coin collection. Their dedication and enthusiasm propelled them to the forefront, securing the title of the top collectors of brown money. Cheers and congratulations echoed through the school corridors as the Grade 2s celebrated their accomplishment.

Yet, the true significance lies beyond the mere tally of coins. These seemingly 'worthless' coins are remarkably transformative when pooled together. The funds amassed through this enthusiastic effort aren't pocketed or spent on school luxuries. Instead, they are channeled towards a noble cause—the annual Lenten Appeal Fund.

The Lenten Appeal Fund stands as a testament to the school's commitment to service and generosity. It's a reminder that even the smallest contributions, when combined with the collective goodwill of a community, can yield substantial impact.

The Grade 2 class's victory isn't just a testament to their spirited efforts but a reflection of the entire school's dedication to giving back. Through their collective action, they've not only won the competition but have also exemplified the true essence of unity and compassion.

This unique tradition at Holy Cross Primary School isn't merely about collecting coins. It's a lesson in empathy, cooperation, and the profound effect of small acts of kindness. It teaches the students that while individual coins might seem inconsequential, their cumulative power can make a substantial difference in the lives of others.

As the Grade 2 class revels in their triumph, they also embody the spirit of selflessness and community that defines Holy Cross Primary School. Their victory is a victory for all, as it underscores the school's unwavering commitment to making a positive impact, no matter the size of the contribution.

So, here's to the Grade 2s for their well-deserved win and, more importantly, for their invaluable lesson in the transformative power of collective generosity. May their victory inspire continued acts of kindness and giving within the Holy Cross Primary School community for years to come.

Five Learners Shine in the Santam National Art Competition

Art has the power to inspire, evoke emotions, and showcase creativity. At our school, the annual Santam Art competition provides a platform for our talented learners to express themselves and showcase their artistic prowess. This year, the competition proved to be a remarkable showcase of creativity, culminating in the recognition of five outstanding learners who received medals for their exceptional art pieces. The Santam Art competition is a national event that brings together young artists from across the country. It serves as a platform for students to explore their artistic talents, experiment with various mediums, and express their unique perspectives on the world. Our school actively participates in this prestigious competition, encouraging learners to unleash their creativity and push the boundaries of artistic expression. This year, five of our learners stood out among the numerous participants, earning well-deserved medals for their outstanding art pieces. The winning entries were a testament to the diversity of talent within our student body, showcasing a range of artistic styles, themes, and techniques. The recognition of these learners not only highlights their individual achievements but also reflects the school's commitment to fostering a nurturing environment for artistic exploration. The success of our learners in the Santam Art competition is a source of pride for our school community. It not only highlights the artistic excellence within our student body but also underscores the importance of providing platforms for creative expression. As we celebrate the achievements of the five medal recipients, we also renew our commitment to fostering a vibrant and supportive environment that empowers all learners to explore and excel in the world of art.

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Celebrating Exceptional Conduct: Honouring Students with a Special Trophy

At the culmination of a year filled with hard work, dedication, and a commitment to exemplary conduct, students were recently acknowledged and honoured for their outstanding behaviour. In a tradition that fosters a culture of positivity and respect, a special trophy was awarded to those who exhibited consistently admirable conduct throughout the academic year. The process leading up to the presentation of this prestigious trophy is rooted in the meticulous documentation of behavioural instances in a designated behaviour book. Every behavioural issue, no matter how small, is carefully recorded. This system allows for the recognition of those students who maintain an exceptional standard of behaviour, showcasing their commitment to upholding the school's values and standards. The recipients of this distinguished award are those individuals who have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to positive conduct. These students have shown consistent adherence to school policies and exemplified the values of respect, responsibility, and kindness. Their dedication to upholding these standards, without a single entry in the behaviour book throughout the entire year, is truly commendable. The presentation of this trophy serves not only as recognition for individual students but also as a symbol of the collective effort to create a positive and conducive learning environment within the school community. It highlights the significance of mutual respect, responsibility, and integrity that each student strives to embody. The significance of this award extends beyond the trophy itself. It serves as a reminder to all students that their conduct, both in and out of the classroom, is an integral part of their educational journey. It emphasises the values of accountability, respect, and personal responsibility that are crucial in shaping not just academic success, but also character development. This annual recognition event is a moment of celebration and acknowledgment of the dedication and commitment exhibited by these exceptional students. It underlines the importance of fostering a positive and respectful environment within the school and encourages all students to strive for their personal best in terms of behaviour and conduct. As the academic year draws to a close, this celebration of exceptional behaviour sets a standard for all to aspire to in the upcoming year, inspiring students to exhibit outstanding conduct and contribute positively to the school community. The efforts of these students serve as a shining example for their peers, reinforcing the school's commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals with exemplary character.

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Empowering Education: Preparing Parents for a New School Year at Holy Cross Primary School

As the school year races to a close and the festive spirit of Christmas begins to envelop us, Holy Cross Primary School recently hosted two pivotal meetings that mark a significant transition for both new and seasoned parents alike. These crucial gatherings, specifically designed for Grade R and Grade 1 parents, aimed to provide insights and essential information crucial for guiding their children's educational journey at the institution. The information evening held for new Grade R and Grade 1 parents stands as a pivotal moment in the academic calendar. Holy Cross Primary School recognised the significance of ensuring parents are well-informed about crucial aspects of their child's educational path. This event served as an opportunity for parents to glean crucial insights into the school's ethos, educational approach, and various rules that underpin the institution's culture. During these gatherings, parents were provided with a comprehensive understanding of what to expect in the upcoming school year. Discussions ranged from academic approaches, co-curricular activities, the importance of parent-teacher communication, school policies, and various other essential aspects that directly impact their child’s educational journey. One of the primary objectives of these meetings was to ensure that parents felt equipped and informed, ready to support and guide their children effectively throughout the academic year. By discussing rules, expectations, and providing a platform for open communication, the school has aimed to establish a collaborative partnership between the institution and the parents. The timing of these meetings, coinciding with the fast-approaching end of the current school year and the impending holiday season, has allowed parents to not only absorb the necessary information but also to reflect and prepare for the fresh start that the new school year brings.

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Celebrating Dedication: A Heartfelt Gesture Towards School Workers

In a heartwarming gesture of appreciation and recognition, today's school assembly marked a significant occasion as the entire school community came together to honour and extend gratitude to the diligent workers who contribute so much behind the scenes. As a longstanding tradition, the school distributed hampers filled with essentials and tokens of appreciation to these invaluable members of the school's workforce. This annual tradition is a poignant display of recognition and thanks to the unsung heroes whose efforts often go unnoticed. The funds utilised for procuring the contents of these hampers are derived from the "poor money" collected throughout the year. While this fund might seem inconsequential, its purpose carries immense significance as it symbolizes the collective efforts of the school community to give back to those who contribute daily to the school's smooth operation. The initiative to create these hampers is not merely an act of charity but a reflection of the genuine respect and acknowledgment for the dedication, hard work, and commitment shown by these workers. All of them play an indispensable role in fostering a conducive learning environment within the school. It's not just about the tangible items within the hampers, but the sentiment they carry—a token of appreciation for the tireless dedication of these essential workers. The items in the hampers range from daily essentials to thoughtful tokens that aim to express gratitude and to provide a moment of joy and comfort to these workers. This beautiful tradition stands as a testament to the school's ethos of compassion, unity, and inclusivity. It's a heartening reminder that every individual within the school community is valued and their efforts acknowledged, irrespective of their position or role within the institution. Furthermore, this act sets an exemplary standard for the students, teaching them the significance of recognising and honouring the efforts of every individual within a community, fostering a culture of appreciation and respect. In a world often driven by accolades and public recognition, it's refreshing to witness such a genuine and humble display of gratitude. Such initiatives not only bridge the gap between various job roles but also foster a sense of belonging and unity within the school.

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A Touching Display of Support: Holy Cross Primary School Honours Mrs. van Zyl's Cancer Journey

We witnessed a touching moment at our school as we celebrated Mrs. van Zyl's victorious completion of her cancer treatment. The entire school, dressed in shades of pink, stood together to symbolise hope and support. An honour guard formed by Grade 2 students created a path of respect, while all students shaped themselves into the iconic cancer ribbon, symbolising unity and awareness. As Mrs. van Zyl walked through the ribbon, a bell tolled, marking the end of her courageous battle against cancer. Students cheered and waved, celebrating her resilience. This heartfelt morning was a testament to the strength of our community and Mrs. van Zyl's exceptional courage. It showcased the power of unity and unwavering support. At Holy Cross, we exemplify solidarity, proving that with love and unity, we can conquer the toughest battles.

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